June 29, 2016

What We Love Doing at UPL


At University Press of London (UPL), we can assist you if:
— you have a manuscript that you want translated into English;
— you have an English text that requires editing;
— you have an academic text that you want to publish in London, UK.
The professional staff at UPL would be more than glad to help you achieve your aims.
We enjoy working with Middle Eastern authors and academic writers who want to see their manuscripts, i.e. the fruit of a lifetime of their scholarly activities, translated into English and published in the West. We do not limit ourselves to working with Middle Eastern authors; we have a range of authors who have submitted their works and we have project managed their publication projects from A to Z.
Our office is located in London, considered to be the heart of the publishing world in the Western hemisphere. We take part in London Book Fair every year and make every effort to present your titles to the publishing and distribution industries.n, Arabic, and other Middle Eastern languages, but find it hard to have it professionally translated and published in the West.
At University Press of London we work with a network of professional translators, editors, bookmakers  and printers to make sure that your work is properly prepared for publication. Once your book is published, we will help you with its distribution and sales in bookstores as well as over the internet. Your published title will be immediately available for sale through reputable storefronts (i.e. with excellent customer reviews) on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.